DOMINICA – a colorful dream

DOMINICA – a colorful dream

GET OFF …..TIME-OUT ….LIFE  on an Island, where i can find SUNSHINE during the whole year! This is, what Evelyn Böck-Challouf already wanted as a very young woman. It was a vision, which followed her troughout her whole professional-life .

2010 she has realized her dream. Three and a half years she was living on the small Caribbean-island DOMINICA and she got to know the island, the humans and their lives.

During these years  she expierenced  how the carebbean people enjoy  their lives. A time, when she was dancing and crying with the Dominicans. A time when people came in her life and left  and a time when she immersed in a multiculturell life. She encountered personalities, who inspired her, brought her to think, to laugh and to cry …… And she began to describe this region of the world in paintings.

Evelyn Böck-Challouf came back – with a new language she found for herself. 

Art was guiding her from Dominica to Vienna. With colorful paintings in her luggage she arrived and tried  to capture the multi-faced life in Dominica. ……Colors,  temperament, sun and shaded-sides of life .

In her exposition „DOMINICA … a colorful dream“, the artist tries to put across the impressions from an Island, which could stand - maybe - as a synonym for „paradise".

The show offers  bright and shining paintings in traditional colors and offers also a humorously critical view, which could unmask - in a soft and colorful way - a putative paradise.

Watching You 30x40cm
Gossip 20x20cm
Body Lips 30x40cm
Nature Humans 50x50cm
Palms 40x50cm
Rasta Clown 50x50cm
Watching Eyes 50x50cm
Disappointed Dream 50x70cm
Heart-Ache 50x50cm
Nature-Kiss 40x50cm
Nature-Love 40x50cm
Cool 40x50cm
Caribbean Heart 50x70cm
Multicultural Mind 50x70cm
Elements-Love 50x40cm
Island-Tear 40x40cm
Beach-Moves 30x80cm
Rachael 30x40cm
Reggae Lady 30x80cm
Rasta Elegance 30x80cm
Paradise 30x70cm
Swinging Beach 30x60cm
Rasta Kiss 50x50cm
Traditions 50x70cm
World Dream 50x70cm
Rythm 30x80cm
Split Heart 50x50cm
Love 40x50cm
Temptation 30x40cm
Sunburn 50x50cm
Relax 50x50cm
Golden Dependence 50x50cm
Double Face 40x40cm
"Look into your eyes deary" 40x50cm
"Look into your eyes deary" 40...
Desire 30x40cm
Parrots Love 40x50cm
Rasta Kiss 50x60cm
White Parrot 40x50cm
Dream 40x50cm
Sweet Potato 20x20cm
Bananas 20x20cm
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